In touch with higher self? Or insane?

Man sees god, if in fear closes his eyes, then that man shall not see god, if man sees god he wont see man or live like man, if a man connot sees god he wont see that man, how does he know your what you see he connot, for then how can such man see himself in spirit he becomes wicked…

I am diagnosed schizoaffective but am told my deep conversations and mystical experiences that led me to deep knowledge of life are wrong and am accused of saying what i didnt due to their possible poor self reflection or bad grammer i am not entirely lost ever i am swimming better and better in a world with opposing inner talk that is at times deceptive or gods very words i am litterly seeing the spirit world guidee thru images and self reflection and my only bad problem with my wife is i have a bad habit of becoming lost in every detail to the point the point is expanded by sometimes hpurs its immpossible to stop i think so fast my mouth just conndects the dots like a super computer whats your opinions guys whos right

( btw i suck at engrish too it must be the chinese brand meds. XD props to the guy who said that about geodon. But really i cant do engrish for shizzle.)

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Psychiatrists are generally smart people, and if you’ve been diagnosed schizoaffective then chances are it’s correct.

A lot of people with mental illnesses have delusions related to religion and/or spirituality and mysticism.

Without hearing what exactly your ‘deep conversations and mystical experiences’ are it’s hard to say for sure, but reading your post it sounds to me as if your diagnosis is right.

I don’t know whether or not you take an anti-psychotic, but these can help with delusions, sometimes lessening them or stopping them altogether.


For me the symptoms limit the expansion of my mind. I can’t experience life fully.

Life does that its confusing dont stress just try be happy with the vibes and love that always makes sense

All depends on who you’re talking to and if they believe in what you believe in or not. That makes the difference between delusions and reality.

One person’s sublime is another’s insanity. Personally, the times when I thought I was the most sublime was when I scared the hell out of some people.

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I used to be Agnostic until I became delusional. I was ‘told’ by the people talking to my brain that we are all connected via Collective Consciousness and that I am the most connected of anyone. Collective Consciousness is what people have been calling God since the first God people worshipped. We can all feel our connection to it so we think it’s a Supreme Being when it’s not. After coming down from my psychotic ‘high’, I retained this idea of a Collective Consciousness and still believe that it’s true. We are all connected via CC and we can enhance our connection via meditation and brain training which will allow us to learn faster, retain more, be more peaceful and be healthier because of a better mind/body connection. Now I am an Atheist who believes in CC

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God certainly does well to present himself. Does he not?

As a psychologist myself, I’ve not afraid to admit the fact that there’s a difference between religion and insanity. I’ve you believe you’ve seen God, it can very well be God. It just sounds to me like you’ve had a great realization. You need to be more specific.

Occam’s Razor: The simplest solution is that both me and thee are a pair of nutters. Sorry.


I have spoken with God too. It’s scary to say because I am told it was a delusion, but I see the truth in his words. Just like the great disciples were blessed with contact with the higher power, I believe I too have a gift. God wants me to differentiate between the hallucinations and his calling. However, I must separate my symptomatic disorder from his guidance. That is the way to enlightenment.

Folks, this is a recovery oriented site. We discuss our delusions with a view towards overcoming them. We are not here to have others verify our delusional thinking. Locking this thread as it is veering off into unhealthy territory.

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