In the world of ideas nobody has invented

a website where you can upload pictures and making stamp out of them but you can yell in the US postal system

a miniature pen that is a straw and a number of that you can use in your martini

a plastic animal or frog stapler that you can use for school purposes

I have a plastic shark stapler. Not a frog, but I know someone with a chameleon tape dispenser.

An electric car made of solar panels?

Houses, fences and coffins made out of those forever plastic water bottles?

A web site where you can register your needs and wishes like those bridal registers at stores. People would be able to learn how to help or what to do or fix if possible.

How about a SZ “register” that would be accessible if you “friend” someone, that tells what works for you, what don’t, how you would like to be treated in case of problems, things you can’t do that could use help with, and your level of needs with being social?