In the mental hospital

When I was in a mental hospital in Dallas it seemed like everyone was just marking time. There was no real involvement in the treatment by the patients. Part of it was due to med’s. I have a very hard time not falling asleep on Zyprexa. It was a very comfortable environment. Good food was everywhere, but that lethargy is so hard to fight. We went to classes most of the day and spent, if I remember correctly, an hour in group therapy, where there was no real involvement. I know that too much involvement can be a hazard for mentally ill people, but you do have to risk a little bit of self expression in group. Oh well, that was a very long time ago.


I don’t believe in mental institutions but I can see how some people need it.

I wanted to go back and they kept kicking me out. Now I’m glad they were closed down because the worst anxiety and paranoia was when I was hospitalized.

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