In the event of a nuclear emergency

I hope this doesn’t trigger anyone but me and my mate were talking about what to do in the event of a nuclear emergency, we were trying to come up with a plan,

so i thought i’d as everyone… do you know what you would do in the event of a nuclear emergency?

  • yes
  • no
  • kiss my ass goodbye

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I answered yes.

The answer is be prepared.

Need a good shelter, with rations. Water, generator, cleaning supplies. And a a way to dispose of trash and body waste.

A good weapon probably too.

And some entertainment. Movies, tv, computer, ect. I would try to keep the internet connection for connection to the outside world, be able to call for help, ect.

Probably some way to walk outside after the radiation levels drop.

And a hard ass attitude.


Yes, we know what we would do, but also I think I would rather die than live in a post apocalyptic America. Hard pass.

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I live about 20 miles from all the major oil and chemical refineries in the US. I would be incinerated.

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maybe you would get a warning first and be able to get to an underground shelter nearby :slight_smile:

It depends on the amount of radioactivity. If it’s an atomic bomb, it’s moot - if you can flee, do so. If it’s some crackpot exploding a device that contaminates a major city with nuclear waste - well, it finally happened, but the excitement would be greater than the actual danger.

In case of nuclear disaster, the best thing to do is evacuate as far upwind from the area as possible. Listen to the local news outlets since most of us rely on them to monitor radiation levels. The US Govt. recommended that Americans living in Japan evacuate at least 50 miles from the Fukushima Nuclear plant after their disaster in 2011 if that’s any help.

Nothing you really can do. If you don’t die right away, radiation poison will get you eventually

I don’t agree with that, i stay near a naval base and i think it would be targeted first but i still think there is a lot we can do, me and my friend had some really good ideas about it,

He is very knowledgeable about it, size of bomb, destructive force, zones, affects and we had some good ideas of means of escape.

it would be extremely hard to survive without some ill effects but there are things you could do but it requires research and i think there should be more awareness about it (for peace of minds sake)

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I will wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt. That way it will be a lot easier to bend over and kiss my ass goodby.


Warm a cup of tea on the sidewalk.

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Kinda unfathomable but the only thing for certain is I’d want to get to the people I love if possible.


Id make ramen and make a song. Id live more than likely.


This is interesting, most people said they would kiss there ass goodbye but does that mean that they wouldn’t even try and save themselves?

Pray your far enough away… cover 1 eye extend arm…do the thumbs up… if the cloud is larger than your thumb…


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