In the ER for “pain”

Idk if I’m having pain from kidney stone maybe. I hope not. I’m having lower back pain and I think it’s from having insomnia on a cheap mattress.

But I swear it feels like I’m hallucinating pain again. I started feeling it pretty near the same time I changed my meds. I didn’t taper off. It’s like all my pain went away the second I registered. Idk if I should stay or go now? Do kidney stone pain go away? And what is a kidney infection?

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I’d stay. Let them run their tests.

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If you’re ill, get help. It could get worse. Are you ripening a fever

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Occasionally I feel a vague pain in my teeth. And I feel them moving a bit. I think it’s hallucination

I thought it was nothing and I left. The pain didn’t get better so I came back. Uhg. There’s blood in my urine. Before I did a cat scan I got dizzy. Freaked the hospital staff out because they thought I fell.

This is worst than I thought.

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If there’s blood in your urine something’s definitely going on. Let them do what they do and get to the bottom of it. Hope it’s nothing serious and i hope you feel better soon.


I’ve had a kidney infection. I was waking up drenched in the night from night sweats. Could barely pee but needing to go frequently and there was blood in my urine. I was also wiped out. It took ages to recover from it. That’s generally what it is.

I don’t know what kidney stones feel like though…I hope you get seen to soon and some medication for the pain.

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