In the end, you knew what the answer was all along

Over think it all you want, you know what’s true. More than that, you know what matters.

Why do people say “just move on, just let it go”? Because they’re idiots? Beacuse they simply don’t think enough and they like living in an arrogant little world of their own they can control? Because they want peace? Maybe. But it’s also true that letting something go allows your mind to truly comprehend the real truth behind the matter. That doesn’t make sense unless you’re realize all of the dimensions you operate in, and levels of thought that co-exist. And if you’re relying on logic to get your through, you’re only relying upon one level of thought. One … very … delusional level of thought. Because logic only sees what it knows through the data it’s “fed”.

It’s like living in a 1D world. One stream of data. One train of thought.

Why not open up to the 2D, and even 3D. This includes what we call the sub-conscious and the spiritual. It’s when you dream, or when you “know” something, the gut feeling, or feeling you get when you listen to music. Another word for this is “centering”.

So many people are caught up on the little bits, the details. The bugger on the side of the great wall of china…seriously?’s the freakin great wall of china!! look in awe!

Know it. Be it. Do it. I’m not a big fan of the warped LOA, because it’s just that…warped. We’re here to learn, to overcome. But I agree with the part that we can be or do anything. How far does this go? As far as you want it to. Scoffers will say “then fly!” Well I surely will. I will turn physics as we know it into crumbles, because I am and do anything I want. But to be and do this, I must let go. I have to be free from the chains I’ve been enslaved to called “doubt”. It’s everywhere, and it destroys most of everything. To see a glimpse of true faith is more rare than any substance on earth. But it’s possible. And everyone knows it.

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