In solitude

My parents were out of town over the weekend. Mom will be away again for four days next week. Likely I will be alone and would not meet anybody in the holiday season. It is difficult for me to live a life when you are not important to any person anymore.

Clark Moustakas wrote two books about solitude - ‘Loneliness’ and ‘Loneliness and Love’. They stayed on my book shelf for a long time. I took them down now and then.

I used to isolate myself…but I have vastly improved…it was due to my paranoia. Do you have an occupation? Do you have any friends to keep in touch with? I keep in touch with old friends over the internet, I sometimes talk for hours with an old friend who moved to france. Support groups are great for what you are describing. I joined my local NAMI support group and I think I will keep attending the meetings, it is very supportive to be in a room with people who all have the same problems. I suggest you give a support group a shot.

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think it vice versa that they are important to you, when you cant recieve love so give it, giving love calms you more than recieving love and also motivates you, you can chat with your friends here or anyone you like, take care

I have few friends with whom I rarely interact. So I understand where you’re coming from. It’s hard to make friends as an adult. If my local NAMI group was really active, I guess I would go there. There aren’t any support groups around me that I know of. Are you on facebook? I’m on facebook, and I rarely use it, but it’s there.

I isolate myself because of paranoia other times it just because i don’t want to be around people. I ad recently started getting in contact with a friend of my from years ago, he’s bipolar with psychotic features so he kind of gets where i’m coming from today we had a 20 minute conversation about voices and stuff going on in our lives.

im in a relationship but he goes away half the week today i realised the friend i thought i had isnt really my friend at all.
this is a good site depression understood chat theres always someone on there to talk to and its not just about depression sometimes they have good laughs too
a great charoom:)