In Sickness and in health

My wife told me she is filing for divorce which in California it takes up to 6 months to finalize a divorce I hope I can sit down with her before then and have a discussion about my schizophrenia and the crazy things it made me do and I hope she stays true to our vows and understands me and stays with me I am very scared of losing her I know I didn’t tell her I was sick until it was too late but I just hope I get a 2nd chance at having a whole family


Yeah, having a good talk sounds like a good idea. Clear the air, get some understanding.

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if she’s filed for divorce bud, I would just let it go…she’s made up her mind at this point and even though you really, really want to keep her it’s best to move on.


So you lied to her/intentionally omitted your illness, she’s already filed, and you expect her to come back and be able to trust you? Seems unlikely. What did you do while you were ill that you need forgiveness for?


That puts this on you and not her. I’d say her reaction is reasonable and not at all unexpected.