In Russia they make a vaccine against HIV. She has been tested since 2011

You asked what his medical field was, knowing full well most members are not in the medical field. Don’t try to backpeddle. Using google translate as an excuse only goes so far.

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I understood where my mistake was, I meant the medicine of the country in which he lives. We have such dialects in Russia. for example, we can ask “how are your gardens in Abkhazia” from a fruit seller who doesn’t even have a garden, he just buys fruit and brings them from Abkhazia. I’m sorry and I’ll be more careful when making suggestions in the future. Thanks for telling me where the error is.

Sorry, I didn’t mean that you work in the medical field. I wanted to ask how is medicine in your country. The country where you live

Ok, maybe it was a miscommunication. It just looked very bad. My apologies.

I jump to protect people, excuse my impulsivity.

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Everything is fine. you are well done. I really think so. we are all different. you corrected me and I thank you. it’s like saying “hey man, you can’t see, but your raincoat is dirty. Clean it up, it’ll be better.” I think it’s okay to tell people where they went wrong. Thank you.

I have read it. quite interesting. I heard that some cosmetics can be from the placenta. Probably it is very expensive cosmetics. Rather, all the stem cells of this blood are very quickly converted into different antibodies. I think so. I think this treatment is also good. any treatment is good if there is a positive result. thanks for this article.

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Russians are not stupid. Great minds like Mendeleev and Pavlov prove that. You also launched Mir and Sputnik before anyone else.

It’s your political and economic system that sucks. Authoritarian and communist/socialist systems aspire to be utopias. And I think all utopias are really dystopias.

Liberty FTW!

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Don’t hide behind using another language to put down another entire continent, @CMBS87 .