In response to Pan`s aliens


So sorry you went through all of this!
I~m glad you can talk about it. Hope it helps you to talk.
I wish my son would do more talking…


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It doesn’t help one bit.

They will see me dead, no letting up, they will see me dead. Like 1408 actually, the room wanted him to commit suicide, it’s like that kind of and has actually been that intense at times.

You know what sucks. When you see the alien and you start looking at the same times on the clock and this ■■■■ starts showing up in movies years later. It’s some creepy evil ■■■■.

3 on emily rose. 333 on the fourth kind. Shadow people in the movie ghost. The dream sequence in the golden child, who the ■■■■ knew that ■■■■ could happen!?

They are going to see me dead, they’ll never leave.


I have a hopeful option i’m working on Pans…hang in there.