In Regards to Marriage and Children

I used to obsess on these topics. But I watched my brothers do those things and noticed:

  1. They often had to reach for their wallet.
  2. One of them went through the horror of dealing with his daughter’s childhood cancer and suffered PTSD as a result. She survived but it wasn’t easy.
  3. I was happy playing with my nieces. I also got worn out quickly and was happy when relief came. Being on ap’s and having constant insomnia sapped my energy even when I was young.
  4. Diapers, potty training, fighting over what the kids are allowed to do. Uncles can usually avoid it. Parents can’t.
  5. Few people like to drive you everywhere you go. Not being able to drive was a disability within itself.
  6. I’m a boring guy. I have trouble keeping things interesting. I also was a workaholic when I was working. Women don’t care much for that.
  7. Not many women will wait for you to check out of the Psych Ward.
    (some guys can handle that stuff. I salute you. I don’t know how you do it.)

I still obsess about these things. Everyday I wonder what would life be like if I’d been married.

I’m pretty certain that whatever marriage I had wouldn’t have worked out though.

I’m grateful that I never had children. I wouldn’t have been able to care for them.


Ah, yes. My daughter will forever be in my heart AND my wallet.


@ozymandias im 28 years old and im still regularly trying to reach i to my mums wallet so to speak haha. But because im terrible with money.

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