In order to please people here I have decided to pretend that I don't have any difficulties/problems

I will please everyone by announcing that I am fully functional. I will keep everything to myself if the evidence dare suggest otherwise. What’s a lie between forum posters -eh?


I’m the most sane guy in here, i’m totally high funtioning hahah

I’m so functional I make @velociraptor look like one of the idiot squad.


Now you’ve done it – I need to get a DNA test!


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Hey, you think it’s easy being the leader of those guys?
Give @velociraptor some respect.

My whole life has been faking I’m functional.
After a while I didn’t have to fake it.
Now I don’t know how to stop.
I just live one day at a time.

Im good


Who are “those guys”? @77nick77

The Idiot Squad @chordy. Its a joke.

A leader of idiots. What a challenge!
I only questioned you because I thought I was one of “those guys”.

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Right when I think I’m high functioning, I prove myself not to be. I’m not very high functioning right now that’s for sure. I’m barely hanging on.

High functioning means to me that you’ve learned better to hide your problems. It doesn’t mean you escape any of them!


Acknowledging our dysfunction is something we do when we are mentally healthy in certain ways. Sometimes it is more normal to ignore such things. Whichever path appeals to you is your choice, I’m not aware of your situation.

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I know right you start posting things when you’re ill and everyone’s like “get it together geez” And some people want to see only sunshine hopeful happy stuff all the time, which when it comes to mental illness, is delusional.

I personally like to support everyone through all kinds of weather.

I’m not aware of people on here who never talk about problems. Most likely there are probably people on here like that but I’m not aware of them.