In one week I will have enough money for an apt

I got my state income tax refund today, and next Thursday I will be getting my monthly teaching pay.

I’m considering living around here in my hometown, even though it’s a long drive from campus.

My other option would be to move closer to campus, in a suburb of a major metropolitan area. I’m just not sure it’s a good idea to do that, considering I went batshit crazy the two times I moved to big cities (Philly, Baltiimore). For the sake of my mental health I think it would be better to find a place around here, where my friends and family live.


Dude, that’s awesome you’ve been able to save for an apartment!

Yeah, it might be a good idea to stay where your support system is.


People think it’s crazy how far I drive to teach there, but I am a little crazy, so hey. I hope I can get a better, decent job around here soon. There are more job opportunities in and around the big city, but I just don’t think I could live there.


I ve been thinking about you freak on a leash.

Good to see you around.:slightly_smiling_face:

Good that you are so insightful understanding and wise about yourself.

Wishing you a happy home.:two_hearts:


Wow. Well done matey. Yes. Take the travel time and live among family and friends. I think that is a much better plan. I wish you well in your travels and keep that stress low…

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Good luck in your endeavors. I think the fact you are working will help with apartment living.

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Live where you want to live if the commute doesn’t bother you.

Drive a Prius and save the earth while your at it.

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