In need of help please


I’ve had this weird dream it was like this girl was in two places at once and she was having this thing preformed on her and I remember what was said and they said it was “christtaformacation” I know it ain’t a word but its where they let Christ put his hands through you by removing your eyes and it all seemed so real like it was happening in front of me christ’s hands were coming from her eye sockets and I was so scared, and I managed to wake myself up and when I did my eyes were burning and I felt a presence behind me , roughly 1-2 minutes after I heard my bathroom door open and I heard footprints upstairs , I haven’t fallen to sleep yet since , I have a mild form of schizophrenia I do see objects/things that ain’t there and I do hear things that no one else hears , I have depression and a mild sense of sucidle thoughts , my mind races a lot before I sleep and all the doc gave me was 75mg of effixor , I just need help and guidance , I don’t know what to do and I have been born with these problems


well you’re not alone, everyone here has schizophrenia. I am surprised you aren’t on a second generation antipsychotic…i havent heard of effixor, whatever that is. I think medication can fix you up. If you are open to trial and error, finding which meds work and which doses you need, you could enter remission. It took me a while to find the right meds, but it was worth it. Just realize that your mind is not perceiving reality as it should, its like malfunctioning software. I think you need to make sure your doctor knows about your symptoms…I am a little shocked to hear that you havent been offered a modern antipsychotic. Just keep your eyes set straight ahead and dont give too much thought to your psychotic symptoms. You clearly have a decent level of insight, and insight is in my experience the best defense against schizophrenia.

Do you work? Do you live on your own? How long have you had schizophrenia?


I know that “presence behind me” feeling, i get that sometimes and usually i see a shadow person or a gremlin. Gremlins are these little monsters that i see sometimes, they crawl all over the walls and hide in the shadows. I’ve heard of effixor but i don’t know much about it sorry. It takes a bit to get meds right and doctors have to adjust and change sometimes several times to find the right one.


don’t worry about it your safe no one can get to you , it is just a dream .
this is normal sz stuff, i call it the sz rainbow, grab your crayons and start colouring in everyone is welcome !
take care


Thank you @mortimermouse and I live with my girlfriend and she understands and try’s to help the best she can and she has been studying my disorders and also I do work and I have been born with schizophrenia and it runs in my family on my fathers side
It’s awful cause I can bearly rest at times due to these dream happening , and a hour or so ago I’ve had haulications of dark presesences in the corner of my eye and it always bes on the right side it’s like glowing orange eyes


@darksith but it seems so real like when I was little I was scared too look under my sheet in my bed because I seem the devils face and to this day I still remember it and am still scared and I’m 22 now and still like traumatized


there are things i believe in and some not,
i believe in the demons , the dark angels , golden angels etc…they are real to me .
i do not believe in the cameras, people following me…(but i did ).
in all the time i have been doing this, they (spirits ,demons…etc ) do screw with your head, yes you can get cold chills down your spine, yes you can feel them sometimes breathing on you etc…
but ultimately how much they scare you is up to you.
personally i am not scared of anything, these things are either wary or scared of me.
i know where you are coming from but you are braver inside than you know, you have more courage inside than you know, you can do this , this is your mind and you can control the fear, i believe in you.
take care


@brad24 are you religious, or raised with an religion?


@alias I was raised with a religion , I never went to church


this might sound strange but what i would do is check it out, whatever noize or thing you think is there you should go and see if you can see anything and if you cant then there is nothing to worry about,

it could be paranoia mixed in with the normal noises of the house because the houses make noises and it is perfectly natural and affects most houses, the air pressures in the house and outside has something to do with it as well as wood memory, wood memory is very common as well.

your dreams can have all different kinds of meaning but there is no need to panic, we all have very powerful dreams sometimes, maybe phone your doc and ask if you can take an extra dose to calm you a bit more if it is really bad, you should talk to your doc, take care.


me the same, my mother is a catholic


To be honest you just need an antipsychotic. You should be ok if you start taking one. Your case sounds like it could be treated pretty easily…does your doc know you see things and you know they arent real? That should be a one way ticket to the pharmacy to pick up a bottle of antipsychotic if you ask me!


It happens to me as well, I do tricks so I can stop the hypnagogic hallucinations or the hallucinations that come when I suddenly wake up in the night, maybe you can do your own tricks on this thing, be creative. Actually I have noticed that the last thing you eat might effect your night, try experimenting on that, if you need more help don’t hesitate to ask, good luck