In need of a job

I think I am not good enough for a nice job. There are tones of qualified applicants. One of the interviewer asked me, give me the reason why I have to hire you? No, I just don’t have a good reason. I’m disabled. I’m not measuring up to the other applicants in many ways. I’m not getting the job. But I don’t want to be unemployed. I need something to do. I need a better income. Maybe I have exhausted myself, I feel unwell. I often think I can’t do the job.

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my son has take on a job, and has worked for two years making 10,000. a year and his illness is a hard one then mine. and he has a daily ru teen he dose just to keep worken.

I’ll help you think of a reason! :slight_smile:

You could say that you’ve researched into the company and you like the company ethics and think it will be a good place to work and that you could bring hard work to the table! :slight_smile:

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It is a good idea to research the company before you go for a interview, once you have done that you might be able to point out things that you can offer. As you are researching it puts your way of thinking in the moment and will give you ideas on how to respond.

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Definitely research the company and have some concrete examples at the ready as to why you’re interested in working for that particular company and what you bring to the table that would benefit the company.