In my psychotic episodes

in my psychotic episodes if I hadn’t had the fear and anxiety in it…really it would of being only a progression of a trip…

so since 2010 I killed the fear and anxiety and I know now ‘‘I will never have another psychotic episode 100%’’

without fear and anxiety in psychotic state it would be a doddle to me


sure. all are progressions of the trip.

but the trip always end you gotta belive this

all are progressions in the trip of life. psychosis can be good too.

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in moments of my hallucinations and delusions there were moments of discovery of life

of course. psychosis can be useful.

I like to call it a learning process…because I learnt a lot…


I must say I havnt found any bit of psychosis to be useful for me.

It shatters me totally and drains me out. What kind of things can you learn from psychosis dude?

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you can learn from anything. just be alert.

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you can learn your mind.

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I teached myself to feel well most of the time, my mind is under control from me the boss of it


Psychosis can be entertaining. I personally love the things I see when I’m hallucinating. I’m always interested in what my brain is gunna come up with next.

(I don’t hear voices though, I would imagine that would be very scary)

welcome to Ireland a 100’000s welcomes

céad míle fáilte

Unfortunately my psychosis is very severe.

There is nothing nice to learn from it whatsoever and i sure as hell dont want it.

Ill eat as many pills to make it stop…


I know 100% that I will never again be depressed or suicidal in my life ever again. I’m 100% sure.

@san_pedro, what is your future plans. Do you work. Work means that out of a schizophrenic identity.

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