In-laws taking advantage

My partner and I signed up for a credit card to help with Christmas. And since then it seems like my mother in law is taking advantage. She wants us to buy tons of stuff and doesn’t want me around.

Get. Out. Of. There. Seriously, you are trapped in an abusive situation, and when you throw a credit card into the mix, their poor decisions could end up following you around forever.


Don’t buy stuff for her on your card. It is you that is stuck with the debt.


I agree with @Jimbob and @ninjastar. I don’t know exactly what’s going on but it seems like it’s been going on for a bit so I believe that it’s best if you do get out and I also agree that you shouldn’t buy stuff for her.

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I’m not sure what you’re looking for anymore, @cbbrown. You’re a sweet and decent person and you post about your horrifying in-laws being so mean and abusive to you… Get out of there!!! There is a way to make that happen, and there’s no other answer for you. It’s bad and it’s not going to change. Leave your terrible living conditions with those ignorant/abusive people.


Talk to your local women’s shelter about your options. I know you love your partner, but she seems to be blind to the abuse you face on a daily basis. Maybe once you leave, that will be the wake-up call she needs to realize she shouldn’t be enabling her parents and allowing them to mistreat someone she loves.

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Have you tried talking to your partner about what is going on and how you feel? Maybe if you do that your parter can see what’s happening and she might be able to help you. If she does then maybe you would be able to talk to somebody else and stand up to your in-laws and stop this abuse. I know that standing up to them probably sounds scary and you most likely feel like you can’t (Only guessing here not sure if I’m right), but after you do stand up to them then a lot of things will be better. You will be able to live without their abuse, and you won’t have to worry about it. A lot of the pain and stress that you feel will be gone. I think that you should go to your local women’s shelter. You don’t have to go to them and try to get them to really help you but just go to see what you can do and if you want them to help then I’m sure that they would be very willing to help.