In groups, out groups and sub groups- social psychology

It’s funny, I have experienced a lot of in group dynamics in the gym and in social situations. In the gym I am a second-tier lifter, below the elite guys and considered NOT advanced. From my friends and family point of view, they ask me what I am on. Im on caffeine and three sedating medications, LOL. But yeah, there are sub groups within in groups that people dont know about. Like the tiers of lifters- very relevant to lifters, while everyone who is not a powerlifter thinks were all the same, when in fact we have concrete lines drawn between us in terms of strength.

Out groups are the “others”, bodybuilders and runners, people who dont workout at all, ect. Within the in group of powerlifters there are lifters who are worlds apart. Like when I meet some guy who is bragging at a party about how much he can kettlebell swing or do pull ups or squat or something. They ask me how much I lift and then theyre like “wtf” while I feel like I need to improve dramatically. People who dont workout think my warm up sets are lies! A friend of mine who is basically sedentary was shocked six months ago when I said “I squatted 330”. Now 330 is warm up. “elite” for my weight is around 450 if im not mistaken.

I have a friend who is a 185lb bodybuilder, he has like 15 lbs on me and is my height, and he was in disbelief when we shared our stats and I was stronger. But to other powerlifters I am “new” and “suck”.

Just pondering some stuff I find interesting. Social psychology is very practical. I would go buy a book on it, it can dramatically improve social functioning and give an enlightened point of view when people behave like buttholes and make you upset.

Do you people notice in groups, sub groups within in groups, and out groups? I think we are surrounded by them. In school, in the gym, in social settings, the only place I dont see this is with family. I deeply respect blood ties. Someone who is of the same blood as me automatically gets my respect, even if they dislike me, even if we disagree, I still respect them more than most other people.

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That’s an interesting point. When I was in junior high I used to think of the social groups in my school as lower primates, with their jostling for social superiority.
I had a friend in high school who joined the power lifting team, and I think she still does it. I wish I would’ve joined.

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yes we call them ‘clicks’ in ireland, they click together

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Humans are the worst at the tier thing. Everyone thinks they are in a class by themselves.