In general, what do you find disappointing about people?

I mean what is it that made us want to avoid people? To me, it was the tendency for a lot of people to be fake. I’d rather someone were unemotional than someone who is trying to fake happiness because they are afraid to show that they might be sad. These are the people who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders thinking they are loaded down with the responsibilities of a king when they can’t even be concerned about actual responsibilities.


Everyone of us has a treacherous heart and likely want to conceal our hatred by showing fake happiness / speaking lies.

The one who conceals his hatred speaks lies, — Proverbs 10:18

But not everyone is the same. Certain people show tender affection.

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It’s about hiding the truth from children. But, once we’re adults, we are supposed to be able to tackle the truth.

That verse brightened my day slightly.


I retreat from people because people are judgmental, competitive and selfish. They care about things that don’t matter, and don’t care about things that do matter.

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me too I have troubles with my friend who is faking happiness but she suffers also so I have to make peace on this isn’t it? I feel hatred too so its not a good thing…

I’m not always sure why I feel hatred. I think it’s because friends are work due to the certain amount of dependency that is in everyone and when my limit has been reached, I feel hatred as if to reject them and say it’s all too much for me.

I reserve hatred for really hateful people. Friendships can just be ended with no hatred required. I’ve been disappointed and annoyed by friends and so I end the friendship. No friend is worth misery.

That is the feeling of injustice.

Injustice involves being unfair, prejudiced, bad, inflicting undeserved harm on others.

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I dislike complainers…and the self centered…I hate sociopaths…


I fear sociopaths. I try to remove them from my life.
I tend to hate narcissists, although I try to be forgiving, it gets too hard and my heart grows cold.
A narcissistic sociopath is like my arch nemesis

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I dislike people who are unrepentant. The kind of person who you can’t forgive because they’ll just screw you over again.

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The lies astound me.

So many people that lie so often.
Whole countries,churches ,religions etc

It is suprising to me how many people lie,constantly and have no shame in doing so.

They lie about me n incite hate.

I do not lie .
specially not to incite hate on someone.

They attack me ,set me up n list goes on.

They get up to so much mischief staging things etc…

I give love :gift_heart:n kindness but get hate in return…

It’s not people i’m dissapointed in, it’s this deathtrap of a world we live in.


Lack of help and compassion to support me when ill.

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These days, after what I’ve been through, “justice” is a difficult concept for me to believe in.

When people don’t live true to their values because pacifism has replaced courage in this day and age. If we all had the passion and conviction of Braveheart, there would be no famines. (Can’t help making political references lately … I’m counting down to November 10. I’m fully expecting a Martial Law election override from Obama, else perhaps a revolution may really well happen.)

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I’m against war because it has nothing to do with the individual.

It’s also completely inhumane and serves only the agenda of the elitist minority, who clearly aren’t satisfied with having unlimited financial resources …

They never want to have any GOOD FUN :joy: :joy: :joy: