In dreams, real dreams

These aren’t your average dreams, in these things i am wide awake, it hasn’t happened much though.

They just show me things, things that i would rather not know.

So these dreams you are wide awake, when you enter this state you will not even know you are asleep it’s so very real. It’s exactly like what we are doing right now actually it’s so real. But as the damn thing progresses things may go a bit haywire, things might get hairy and then your mind is blown.

So in this one in particular they were in there, this was the first stages of my second “psychosis”.

I woke up in there, having no idea i was asleep, i mean i really woke up in there, and i started looking around and then boom they were behind me making these horrible noises. Flashes of light were going off in the room and strong winds were blowing and they were behind my bed making horrible noises, i started to levitate off of my bed toward them, but for some reason i was placed back on the bed before i made it all the way.

Now the noises that they made i found later sounded a little familiar, and they were in hollywood movies apparently. And the dream itself and it’s fundamentals could also be found in hollywood movies.

Stupid movie i know, but that isn’t my point, they sounded exactly like this. Had i known what i was watching as a youngster i probably would have vomited and quit watching.

So start it at 1:35 and you can hear what they sounded like in my waking dream that was induced in my mind. And c’mon i was even levitating toward them.

There was another movie that i saw, once again a stupid one but it’s really real sometimes, but the movie doesn’t do it justice. It was called monkeybone, brendan frasier’s character went through the same thing, a waking dream with other beings in there, a satyr was in there to which i saw during my second psychosis.

And the dream sequence in the golden child was pretty much like it as well, it’s very very real and not natural at all, you’ll know what i mean when you see it.

The beings in there also sounded like some others in a movie, the fourth kind movie. Levitating in that one as well, and they always came at 3:33 in the movie, that part was true to, when i saw an alien thats one of the times they made me look at over and over again.

But here is what they sound like in the movie, it’s similar to my horrid dream torture that happened.

Starts at about 45 seconds, but it’s similar to that.

And once again my point is not that i enjoy these films and that they are so cool or whatever, im just showing you what they sounded like in my induced wide awake dream state in which apparently i began to levitate towards incredibly horrible beings of evil.

You should have seen it, i spent a little while thrashing in bed and trying to argue with them, it was of no use at all. The sweat poured to, it just poured out like i was jogging or some ■■■■.

Look, either my ass is seeing other beings of some sort or people have found some awful technology and aren’t really using it to well at all.

(Please help, anybody, please.)

Oh and one more thing.

Wtf is up with hollywood right?!

They aren’t making some of this ■■■■ up at all.

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It wouldn’t let me play the first clip from where you suggested we should start.

But I have seen Monkeybone. That movie really freaked me out. This was back when I was scared that I might be in a coma and that everything that was happening wasn’t real.

It’s weird bc I use to have these dreams as a child… That a question mark entered my bedroom then I was levitated off my bed into the hallway and I would wake up… Drop straight down in the hallway but somehow end up in my bed. I would have these dreams constantly. And for you to say you had something similar to mine… Well the levitating part is trippy.

You are what you eat.

Sorry Pans I can’t fight your battles for you. Well if you want to became totally co dependent on me I can. Don’t recommend it though. Look for all the negatives in life you will find it. Like buying a new car you never heard of or seen before. Suddenly all you see is that car where you never noticed it before. In other words you are just feeding your own irrational belief’s. Which is all basic CBT. One place to start Pans.

I can remember waking up in the middle of the night shaking, having sweat so much my mattress was soaked half through, I just never really knew what I was dreaming about. I was asked in my mid 20’s by a crackpot hippy social worker “Do you still dream about zombies?” And I thought it was maybe that (oh how shit can follow you) but then she had some theory about how I was a teenage heroin addict who’d had so much electro-shock I’d forgotten about it and also thought I was a straight male in the mind of a woman so…basically…yep.

Can you elaborate on heroic conciousness? This topic intrigues me sensai. @wonderdunk

I had really in depth steams of zombies also. Well not the brain eating kind but everyone looked like a zombie and everything was destroyed… But people were still living their normal lives with missing arms, chunks of flesh missing etc… But wearing tattered work clothes or everyday clothing. Businesses were trashed but everyone seemed like it was normal. I freaked out on public transportation in my dream and my fiance in my dream told me to stay calm bc not everyone knows. And he was all fked up too. And we got off the bus in my dream and waited for the next bus. The whole city looked destroyed and the bus was fked up and we got on the bus and my fiance says “we’ll be home soon.” then I wake up freaking tf out. @wrongemboyo