In diagnostic limbo?

So I am formally diagnosed with schizoaffective. I’ve been on first generation antipsychotics for around 8 years. There is never a break when I can come off of them. I’m left pondering whether this means something diagnostically. The whole difference between schizophrenia and schizoaffective is confusing to me seeing as one could have a diagnoses of schizophrenia and depression or rather schizoaffective. Thoughts welcome.

Try not to get caught up on the diagnosis.
It’s sometimes not so clear cut.
My doctor is confused as to my dx.
She goes by symptoms.

My doctor is telling me that I suffer with mood cycles and anxiety.

I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar and schizoaffective over the years.

Schizoaffective can be thought as having sz and bipolar.

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Yeah it’s not such an issue anymore and you’ll find that a lot of people around here have had a change in their diagnosis anyways. It’s really moving to a more treatment based approach where it’s about the meds that work against the symptoms.

I’ve found that diagnosis can change from locality so it’s more so about your symptoms and the pills.

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