In defense of strict rules

I’ve noticed around here that many people are frustrated by how strict the mods are about enforcing the rules. I’d like to point out that forums like these can be really dangerous. It’s very easy for “support” to become a shared delusion, or for non sufferers to try and make us sicker for fun. The rules are in place first and foremost in order to keep us safe.

You’ve seen the sh it shows that are many broad mental health forums with sub forums for sz and psychosis. Threads with hundreds of long replies about how people have such similar delusions and hallucinations, people developing new delusions because someone else’s ideas “make a lot of sense,” people trying to convert each other to their own shared or personally invented religions, etc. Hell, it even happens on the sz subreddit. But here? No, not here. This place is special. A safe haven for people who suffer from any and all psychotic disorders, and the rules are followed strictly so it can remain that way.

At the end of the day, this is a support forum. It’s not supposed to be a free for all. There are places where that is meant to happen, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll have a better time if you go there instead. I’m not trying to be a prick, but I think this forum should be run in a way that makes it safe for those who are immensely sick. Just because you are high functioning doesn’t mean that everyone else is.

In conclusion, I’d like to remind everyone that someone makes a post complaining about the rules at least once a month, and people either don’t care or join in on the complaining. With that in mind, I believe a post defending the strict rules is well within my right. As such, if you could refrain from calling me bossy or narcissistic, implying that I’m “out of line,” or accusing me of acting like the forum’s morality pet, I’d appreciate it.

edit: And no, this post is not intended to cause drama or turn into this huge heated debate. I get that people will disagree, and of course that’s fine, but please don’t treat me like I’m an ass hole and/or an idiot.


I agree with you.

You’re a lot nicer than I am.

I feel you’re sucking up to mods.
I have seen you again doing the mod job and being their fan.

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@Om_Sadasiva You’re one of the worst ones for glorifying your delusional thinking. You seldom seek out help and advice on how to deal with them.


If I glorify, it means that I am deluded and not responsible for my actions.

I never glorify, though. I ask for help.

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A smart alecky reply that shows you’re far more keen on promoting delusional thinking rather than tackling it.

I don’t promote anything.
Post a silly research, or recipes, or a silly online test, and leave me alone, dude

If mods think that I am deluded and dangerous for other fellows here, they can permanently ban me. I will accept it

Come on Om. You are better than this. That remark was unfair


I could be wrong, but when the last madhouse thread was closed the reason was too many flags. I don’t think the mods had a problem with it.

That’s because this community means a lot to me. It saved me, and I want it to be a safe place for people to get better. The rules are the only reason why this place has been around for so long. Schizophrenia forums have a tendency to make people sicker because the rules are not strictly followed. So no, I’m not “sucking up to the mods” or “doing the mod job.” I’m doing what I can to keep this place healthy. That’s not the mods’ responsibility, it’s everyone’s responsibility. Your problem with me has to do with me refusing to play along with your delusions, which is, of course, to be expected. But don’t climb on your high horse and act like I’m some sort of cu nt targeting you. You don’t use this place to get better, you use it to confirm your delusions. I can’t, in good conscience, stand by and watch that happen.

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I’ve invested years and years of time and attention into this forum, but many times I’m bit in the ass, triggered, and definitely the most suspended person on the forum.

When I get too frustrated over the rules, I just go to Facebook, and say whatever I want.
But my friends on there know I prefer being here.


Man I remember being scolded when I was younger for being a suck-up…

Luckily, as I’ve gotten older and experienced I have insight into behavior like that and what its really about…

All this ridiculous fear about delusions and I’ve never been so horrifically affected by reading another person’s ‘delusions’.

I think it’s really a something else people are afraid of…

But those people are already on the low end of the intellectual/perceptive awareness spectrum anyway.

Have fun on this era’s version of witchhunting for the excessively fearful.

I’m just learning to watch this silly world unravel and ramble on about… Nothing.


Perhaps I should report The Circles of fifths on grounds of moral pompousness and of triggering independant minded people everywhere. But I won’t, I can live with posts I don’t like.

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Ironically those remarks suggest you’re not exactly at the intellectual high end yourself.

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I prefer less strict rules like on subreddit but don’t like their layout it’s real annoying.

There’s a massive difference between being independent minded and delusional . Delusional will have you leaping off a tall building because you think you can fly. Merely being independent minded doesn’t result in that kind of thing.

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I agree, I’m far from believing I can fly. Being independent means you can fly, albeit, in a safer fashion,