In any existence, food for thought. What do you think?

In any existence, food for thought.
What do you think?

In any existence, food for thought.
What do you think?

Oh joy! If you don’t respond, they get bored and quit.

I usually work in office or with management, we don’t respond to anything. I worked in religious setting for a while and some of the members were thought broadcasters and town was really kind of aggressive to poor people, because of money from weekenders. Grace means never answering anything rude said to you…They didn’t bother with verbally harassing me much and things went nicely for a while with REALLY NICE PEOPLE until someone local decided to mess up the equipment at my job after we gave a contractor access to the building keys…I was running around like chicken with head cut of for $8.50 an hour and just didn’t think my job would be okay anyway and computer ‘pranked’, so I quit quietly and moved to city. Nice member had told me that her son had complained loudly about area problems and someone stole the equipment for his next job from his vehicle along a highway rest stop after he stopped for bathroom emergency…(Prime reason to always keep spare keys to car on you instead of ever leaving it in house – prefer spare keys on another person’s keychain but not always possible.) WORSE STUFF HAPPENS BTW.

I quit, kept my mouth shut and kept Facebook open for a while on all. Lovely, nice group of people but the town is a little too tough. Noticed while out walking, some people had just closed up a business that was full, locked the doors and just walked away – place was never open. Voices explained these people just walked away after too much trouble there. Could have moved back over the last few years but decided I REALLY just don’t know and I blocked my facebook on it all…Other people gave warning on the place.

What do I think? I work in white collar, we are not allowed to answer crazy stuff, talk about mental problems, diagnosis or anything happening while home is empty or nutty people stuff…Some have gone over to following orders from voices, whole churches thought broadcasting and preach stalking especially to people who went on disability pay after mental car.

Can give you specific handling about gangs of kids harassing adults – called gang stalking. DO NOT ANSWER. If you get angry, they sometimes thrown you own of neighborhood. You can say ‘I just came here to work’. This will get them to quit…It is bad sign neighborhood is not going to be okay for you such as burglared out, fires or worse. I would look for other housing…If you are just passing through the place, at least you know not to rent there. If you are thinking about an apartment, show up half hour early and walk neighborhood. If you get gang stalked, leave it…Anyone talking crazy may just tell you about the neighborhood if you say you are looking place over, though this will get you in trouble if female alone. Women alone take best neighborhood they can afford or WAY into suburbs to avoid problems as they usually end up being mooched/scared into having a boyfriend if they take ‘discount’ apartments. Some of the people really torture schizo to even make money off you…

Real clue, in my area it has been tradition to get married or shack when you finally have the strangers bother you because you will have some really screwed up people trying to pick you up afterwards, even getting you fired here even if you make big bucks can be hard to get good attorney or unemployment if you find yourself living in trap. People marry/shack with the good ones they knew, Facebook is great way to look up people you already knew were okay – however, if you are living in a place with lots of crazy religious stuff happening and lots of preach stalking, people just snap – that once nice man may have made a deal with the devil to be comfortable, and he will bust you like a twig eventually and take your kids…If you start to see a lot of bad stuff happening and screwed at more than one job, time to move but need to know someone where you are moving as female are being screwed for taking even small town jobs, ruined and used as ho & even forced to swing…males run off too. Stinks when you cannot leave a hole alone and men available in the hole are trashers, women can be a vampire too. Goes both ways.

Friend lived on coast and her good govt job would actually eventually screw any woman alone, only way to keep your job was relationship. Unemployment is usually denied…I was working in one of these too, eventually the BS in some jobs screws you. If you see something wrong, keep emergency money at least and maybe sharpen resume and try looking for job where you know someone and they have your back up, confirm job has no pot-holes or trashers. Really surprising how a place can become a hole and lots of sex harassment/work scams can happen due to bad courts, dirty cops and dirty attorneys, whole place is a trap without any escape except just work and get involved with nothing as the social groups were ruining people and taking slaves too. I eventually got screwed out of my own hometown too, this just happens if you meet some of the abusers according to women who went before me 20 years ago. Women end up tortured for divorce, reject wealthy, sex assaults, molested, saying anything negative publicly, screwed business rival…Men get screwed for getting defensive or speaking up. Keep quiet, keep work information private and leave. and you can get another job after a blackball but you will need to forget every contact you made at last place…

The problem with Humanity is that they live on 2 planes ------------ EXISTENCE and NON-EXISTENCE.

The DRIVE for existence is the cause of the suffering and misery in the world FOR OTHERS…The DRIVE for non-existence is the cause of Suicide and meekness.

The reality is in-between both existence and non-existence and it is the middle way and true wisdom is achieved only in that.

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