In a state of shock

It’s been confirmed the tower blocks are going. Will need a whole ton of support or I can see myself going under. Scared is putting it mildly.

sorry @firemonkey, i hope its not too bad, i hope you can get through this, i am willing you to get through this

I think it will depend on getting a lot of support. The trouble is the support I get at the moment from the professionals is as good as non existent.

if you phoned them and told them the situation i would like to hope that they would try and help you through this transition, or maybe go into your clinic and talk to the duty nurse and tell him/her your concerns and ask for some more support,

do you know where you will be relocated to?

I’m sorry @firemonkey
Maybe things will work out for you in the end.
I know how difficult getting good support can be.
Sure, I get rides to my doctors appointments, but my Supervisor or case worker never call me up to see if I need something.