In a relationship? How do you do it?

How did you meet your partner? Do you have a car / job? Are they afflicted too?

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I met my partner through friends.

I have both a car and a job.

My partner doesn’t have any mental illness, He is my main care giver.

I am very honest with him about all my symptoms and my everyday life and he is very supportive of me.

Currently I am facing having to switch teams again at work, going back to a hostile team that stressed me out and brought on a lot of symptoms.

I don’t want to go back and would rather quite my job if needs be. My partner is very supportive of that option.


I met my wife before I became sick. We had actually gone to the same high school, but we didn’t meet until years later, at a bar of all places. She doesn’t have sz, but she has dealt with depression and anxiety for as long as we’ve been together. I have only recently been diagnosed after spending a year psychotic, and now about a year medicated. It has definitely put a strain on our relationship, but it would be much harder for me if I had to start a relationship now. And I have both a job and a car, which I also had before I got sick.


I met him through school, i was friends with his brother before becoming friends with him and then we got together.
he has a car. neither of us has a job.
I believe he’s sz.

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Thanks, sorry to hear about your job though


I guess now you know what’s wrong it’s something you can work through together

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I guess it’s impossible to really tell, even pdocs go with gut instinct and how you present!

Bring on a real test for scz

My car and my job don’t have sz. :wink:
I met my husband on eight years ago. We married 2 1/2 years ago. It’s incredibly difficult. My husband is unafflicted (except by me).
Part of my problem is that I have lived with sz since I was about 12, but I was only properly diagnosed literally one year ago. So, I had told my husband other diagnosis and some of what I deal with, but the actual diagnosis of sz was given after I was married. My own journey of discovery is happening while I’m newly married and ideally it would have happened much earlier.
Knowing what you’re dealing with before you enter a relationship I think would make it easier in the sense that the situation would be clear to both of you.
I do have a job. I chose a job that I can handle, and even improves my thoughts on many days. I also have a car.
I’m very very blessed.


Very much so. I rely on her for just about everything. And I feel very guilty because she faced the brunt of my delusions. Her parents even told her to leave me before I got medicated, saying it wasn’t safe for her or the kids to be around me, but she refused because she knew I could never harm any of them. It was a very trying time.

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I sometimes wonder about putting myself on a dating website. I guess I’m more scared then anything else!

How old roughly are you?

I’m 34, so my onset was relatively late, although after being treated and looking back, there are signs something was wrong long before I became psychotic.

I wonder how long my predome phase lasted, but for me being on the receiving end of a house mate trying to stab me didn’t help! I was mid 20s

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I’m not at all social so I knew online was the only way I was going to meet someone. You can go on there and just have fun with the chatting. I only actually met three people from the site! (So incredibly blessed that one was my now husband)
I looked for someone without issues. That’s a personal choice. I have enough issues for two. My husband is extremely balanced, steady and normal. This can be tricky though since he genuinely does not understand where I’m coming from sometimes. But he’s a kind person.


I started drinking and doing drugs at 12, and only got completely clean and sober last year (alcohol was in some ways harder to give up than heroin), so for me it would be almost impossible to really determine when things went wrong. I know my wife says (nicely) I have always been “off,” and we’ve been together 8 years. I also know that my brother being murdered 5 years ago really took a toll on me. I’m sometimes amazed at how long I went before finally becoming psychotic lol.

I met my partner when we were kids living in the same trailer park. then I moved and I didn’t see her until high school where I developed a crush on her. but we didn’t start seeing each other until I was in college. I don’t have a car or a job but she has a job at a nursing home as a CNA and we are working on her getting her permit and license to get a car.


I met my fiancé on OK Cupid. He doesn’t have sz, but he has a lot of symptoms in common with PTSD. That worked out great for me, because neither of us was ready to even hold hands until about a month of dating.

Both of us have a job and a car, but he makes enough to support both of us on his own if I ever need to take a break from working.

We make it work by being totally honest with each other and communicating very clearly. He helps me brainstorm ways to cope with my illness and I help him navigate social situations.


no job no money so no honey…haha…lol…:alien:


But I have my own apartment :wink:

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I had been together with my husband for 10 years before the illness hit. Now that I have the illness, things are not too different actually. I still work, still have a car and our relationship is not that much different. The big difference in that I take medication.