In a project for people with disabilities

rts… People with Substance misuse or mental health difficulties

In this situation I have also now asked someone where I’m not sure if she has a difficulty of any kind to take part in the project

How do I ask her?

At first sight I’d think it is less of a problem if this person is one of the four professionals than it is when this person is on the receiving support end of the project… If the funding is supposed to support people with difficulties I’d guess it is not supposed to support people without those.

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First, congrats on the project! You’re so active, I’m sure you’ll do great.

Second, yeah, the best way to approach would be probably ask her if she feels she fits the criteria :slight_smile:

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Exactly… I have been struggling with this since I asked her
thanks that’s a lot of clarity

Should I just be clear about the projects and ask her genuinely whether she has had any problems…

Thanks Minnii
it’s going to be fun

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You might want to ask her what she’s been struggling with when discussing the target group of the project. Like naming some of the issues others that are receiving support are dealing with (no need to name these people when doing so), and then asking what difficulties this person is having. Some things might turn up and at some point you may want to hear a diagnosis for I suppose that is what qualifies one for this support. Again you might go fishing for one by means of dropping some diagnoses that other people receiving the support carry. Perhaps you can also speak to people that have made the funding possible, to get clear on criteria…

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Hi fly, sorry - yes - I think I’ve got this xx
Bit of diplomacy xx

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Maybe yeah, I don’t know if she feels comfortable with her issues or not. If you were to ask me, I would prefer bluntness that would make me feel appreciated “I’m envolved in this x project, I would like your presence there, would you be interested in being a part of it?”

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Thanks Minnii

I really did try and say something like that it all came out wrong

Oh sorry to hear that, what was her reaction though?

Good point
She was friendly
She seemed to know everyone I knew
She has college.
Can’t x