In a good mood

My GP gave me both a prescription for Ativan and Zopiclone.

Now i can be at peace with my thoughts lol.

Also, its a really good medication to fall back to when my injection begins wearing off.

Are you in a good mood today ? :sunflower:


I actually feel rather good today myself, thanks for asking! I got much needed sleep last night.


Yeah I’m in a good mood. Got some things done…well sort of today. I went for a walk but then it started to rain. I got home all wet.

I lubricated my gates padlock with q20. Lock is now 100% = good mood

…and I shaved my beard wich brings me to the good mood since I look decent again…for a while :rofl:


I’m happy for you @DNA

I had a good session with my excellent therapist.

She helped me sort out some issues.

Yeah I’m in a pretty good mood


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