In a deep sleep

When I get feeling groggy, it’s very difficult to stay alert. It’s not meds. I’ve always been sleepy. I think it’s due to rejection in the family and my father’s constant suggestion that I was sleepy. Or my mother’s idea that if I were awake, I’d be doing something insane. No child can be expected to do nothing.

Psychology is amazing is it not? My father always suggested that I(and other people) was conspiring against him, and would twist things I would say and do to a certain arrogant perspective. I’m partially free from it now, but I go about with the feeling that people will always twist what I say and do in a stupid way, and assume the worst in me. I realize this exists to a certain degree already, but the psychological motivators definitely heighten the situation.

Sleepiness may also be a survival mechanism.

I would guess most of we szs have a lot to sleep off.

sleep is a suffering. it is a product of using the mind improperly: to memorize/reproduce knowledge.

but I wake up feeling better. Maybe it’s our well placed punishment.

you could say that. though you wake up, you awake without perfect memory. it is quite the punishment.