In a cheery mood...ready for Christmas!

well the good news is that it was only $32 for putting in the headlights…maybe we will still get the full amount for Christmas now I hope…no I won’t ask my mom…she can give me how much she wants and I won’t worry about it at all…I get Christmas money from my dad too lately…we are distant and it is nice to think he will still give my money…anyways…now we can afford to spray the house…yes we have roaches…they aren’t over ran but I can’t stand even one in my house…so there’s that…does anyone here look forward to Christmas already? I love it.

I am not a big Christmas fan. I like Thanksgiving though.

The holidays are a stressful time for me. I’m ready for them to be over with.

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I’m happy for you @jukebox!
Glad things are looking up for you guys :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love Christmas! I love how people light up when you give them presents. I also love the music, decorating, and meals and treats and all. It’s my favorite holiday :slight_smile:


I got all my christmas shopping done (before December!), so now I’m gonna just sit back and enjoy the season


I love Christmas too.

I love the scent smell of a great Christmas tree .
Some carols
Meeting family (unfortunately I will probably not meet my family this Christmas and before then I was isolating even from my family.


Where I used to live there were cockroaches.
I had them on my face in bed twice .
I woke up to have a roach on my face asaaaaaaa
I put cockroach bombs out and killed because they were taking over the apartment despite that I cleaned once a week.

Where I live now we don’t seem to have any.

When I lived outback bush land by myself I actually had toads on my face .
That is so strange what are the probability of hsving toads on your face and in bed with you…

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huh that must have been scary for you…please don’t avoid your family…your family loves you !!

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