Impulse to give away small amount of money

1 USD = 4.45 MYR

I can only afford $5. I can pay by PayPal immediately.
(ONLY the FIRST person)

Just treat this as charity.

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I’m good, I intend to win the 55 million lottery on Friday


55 million is a lot.


there are homeless people right outside your house, eh? why give charity to mentally ill people who have financial support? :stuck_out_tongue:

but nonetheless, your heart’s in the right place. :smile:

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Homeless people mostly are in town. Nowadays, volunteers cook and give away the foods to every of these homeless people.

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I bought my text friend a laptop for christmas, thats all I can afford for this christmas

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A laptop is quite expensive.

Her’s broke she did not ask for one but she can’t afford a new one, so gave to her this year

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I want a laptop!

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I have a question, can PayPal create a gift coupon with cash value? So that I don’t need to wait for @haete to return and initiate the payment. He can enter the coupon code and cash out.

Never heard of that

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I checked the menu and options but also could not find something like that. Thank you Mountainman.

All the while, $1 = 3 MYR only, but no longer so after 2015.

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I gave away (donated) quite a bit of money to my dogs Animal Shelter.

He was adopted by a lovely married couple.

I love you little guy!
I always will.


that made me cry @Wave

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I’m sorry @jukebox

I’m having a bad day

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I’m sorry @Wave please get to feeling happier. you did the right thing. I had to lose my yorkie dog Bucky and give him up for adoption. I know how much it hurts.

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Thank you @jukebox
You are so kind

I know that you are a big animal lover too

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Malaysian Ringgit. sounds like a fancy new cellphone name. :laughing:

to be fair, the US dollar sounds like a person who makes dolls. :stuck_out_tongue:

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