Improving safety, effectiveness of lithium therapy: Closer than ever

Lithium, one of the oldest and most widely used drugs to treat neuropsychiatric illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, has a serious drawback – toxicity. In a continued effort to find a safer form of lithium, researchers at the University of South Florida (USF) have discovered that lithium salicylate, an alternative salt form, might be the answer.

The researchers found that oral lithium salicylate produced steady lithium levels up to 48 hours in rats without the toxic spike associated with the rapid absorption of current FDA-approved lithium carbonate. They concluded that lithium salicylate could be more effective than lithium carbonate, yet without accompanying risks of toxicity, a potentially important development in the next generation of lithium therapeutics.

Their study results appeared in a recent issue of RSC Advances, the journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Is this Lithium coming out on the market? If so when will it be coming out?? Thank you. Jesus is Lord!

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