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Improving posture for back problems


I have a tendency to sit badly whether on my sofa or even walking staring at the ground.

Sleep problems as well as the above mentioned as led to agonising shoulder and upper neck pain recent few weeks.

I have had it checked by the dr. And it is all muscles and tendons.

Thankfully all yesterday, last night and today I got some sleep and it’s eased. This made me realise indeed it’s tension. When I looked in the mirror my posture is not good and even correcting it is quite painful (relaxing shoulders and standing straight causes strain)

I am unsure if anyone else has this problem. However I think it’s important. I regret not realising this. I hope now I can correct it and just point it out to others.

I bought some anti inflammatory and using heat on it.


Serious question : do your feet reach the ground flat when you sit?


Yep they do would it pose serious health risk otherwise ?


Well my wife had the same upper back pain for years and when she sat in her office chair her feet didn’t reach all the way down. So we got a foot rest that they sell at staples for her which you put your feet on and presto 95% of the back pain went away


Thank you I shall make sure I sit that way. I can feel strain making fretboard touch ground around shoulder blades at the front. Did she by any chance ?


May also book some massage and acupuncture


The only thing that helped her besides the foot rest is doing regular back excersizes.

What’s fretboard


Sorry that was my stupid phone doing auto correct. It was meant to say. Strain on shoulder blades when my feet touch the ground lol.


I’m not sure how she felt but one of these foot rests is really cheap and would probably help if you sit a lot


Absolutely nothing in the world is better for posture and/or back problems than a regular, consistent yoga practice. Absolutely nothing.
My back pain was so bad thirteen years ago that I couldn’t bend over to wash my face, tie my shoes or pick anything up off of the floor. I was completely dependent upon my 24 year old son to take care of me. I was a true invalid at the mere age of 44. At the age of 45, I went to my medical doctor to ask for narcotic pain medication and was refused. He told me to get out and walk. I walked for two years with no change in either my weight or my pain level. Then, I remembered doing yoga in my mid 20’s to treat migraines, (unsuccessfully I might add). I remembered that a yoga training book I had mentioned that yoga was good for spinal health. So, l looked for my old yoga book in my library and there it was! I got it out and began doing the postures. I also found out about YogaJournal.com and went to their website and got some good beginning yoga DVD’s and began doing those. I also began subscribing to Yoga Journal magazine and started learning more about yoga and yoga culture. Within six months of doing yoga for one half hour, four days a week, I felt my chronic back pain and sciatica totally disappear!! And stay gone over all this time!!
Yoga has truly been a miraculous cure for my chronic back pain and sciatica. I do yoga almost every day now for 30-35 minutes at a time each day. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I use a yoga app called TrackYoga.com I alternate that with my own sequences that I got out of Yoga Journal.
I’ve gone to fancy yoga retreat centers, in far away states, in the U.S., like KripaluCenter.org and have had a blast. Yoga has introduced me to the quiet practice of mindfulness meditation, which I do twice a day, for 15 minutes at a time. I even subscribe to Mindful Magazine, which is about meditation practice.
I highly recommend yoga to anyone who suffers from chronic pain and stiffness. Especially from arthritis pain and stiffness. For this, yoga is a godsend.


Had a meeting about being discharged yesterday from the crisis team (gone through medication team) and I was discussing posture and she actually suggested yoga

I know of 2 places that donit here in town I’ve felt like doing it before for peace of mind etc but was not having any neck or shoulder issue at the time.

I just looked online and saw some yoga stretches for the back. I may take a couple of classes and then buy a book.

I will check out the app too.