Improving My Brush Work

I made this great painting years ago but it’s been very hard to recapture the magic.


When I practice this kind of brushwork I usually fail. The paints are very expensive and it’s a total waste.

So I thought of a way to gain confidence without costing a lot of money. I bought some black aquarium sand and a box.

I’ve been practicing by making patterns with the brush and then shaking the box. I’m hoping this weird learning technique will improve my brushwork. I thought I’d share with the group because it’s straight out of the mind of an SCZ.

I’m going to practice for some time and then go back to traditional paint on canvas . . .


Wow that is genius


Nice! Amazing! Great idea

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They all look like Rorschach tests.
I see two dogs having sex and a naked woman sunbathing.


that’s very smart and sounds like fun. I want to do it too lol.

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Great work! Fantastic

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It was cheap, $5 black aquarium sand and $10 cat litter box. Although I’ll admit I felt silly in pet store buying these . . .

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I like it. Very cool. :cat::cat::cat:

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this is a new painting, I think all the brushwork practice is paying off . . .


very clever with the sand =D

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