Improving brain function

Do any of you memorize stuff to try to get your brain more healthy? I lost a ton of short term memories when I had ECT and it has even affected my ability to recall or memorize things in present time. I am trying to memorize some Bible verses and a couple of poems. I’m finding it quite difficult. I used to memorize something by reading it over once!

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Try brain exercise games such as brain wars, Einstein, these are apps. You can try matching pairs online or with cards. Cubic games, brain games online at www. also brain teasers. You can also do brain wave therapy on youtube isochronic bineureal wave sounds
I’m speaking from experience they work.

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yes I’ve seen advertisements for…is that a free site? there’s no charge for anything?

After some practice memory of the games got better for me, however, I’d rather be doing something else not to negate the efficacy of the neuroplasticity it does work. But then again for what purpose?

yes but if you don’t use it; you lose it. Brain function is an important thing to try to maintain…other wise you cannot express yourself well and people do not respect people who obviously don’t have it together. I always like to memorize stuff : poetry and the Bible and when I’m sitting, say waiting at an MD office, I will say the stuff over to myself or meditate on it. Once it’s in your head you own it. Unless of course you go through ECT again which I NEVER will.

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Lumosity is free.