Improv comedy can be a form of therapy

I found this article when I was just pondering…

finding a way to use comedy to heal some of the past drama…

It blew me away when the article began to break down how to interact with a crowd…

it’s some of the same skills I’m relearning with my therapist…


I’m pretty funny in real life. I have quite solid social skills, they were excellent before my onset and I had to relearn them. I like making people laugh involuntarily. I like laughing too. It adds a different color to a life full of pain and struggle. Just laughter. A Duchenne smile. Seeing people do these things because of me makes me feel content.

I mean the pain never really goes away. It’s always there- the mornings and nights are the worst for me. I wake up feeling like my brains are scrambled eggs. I go to sleep after a couple or few hours of talking to myself and hallucinations and delusions. Just to be around people and make them laugh and smile makes me do so in return.

I was quite the comedian before schizophrenia.

I’m a language comedian, so it’s all intuitive, word play, innuendo, pun or witty comments.

I’m not sure how to tell an old fashioned joke, but I do like that type of thing at times.

Improv is such a good skill to have in all areas of life. And using comedy to brighten things up with it is even better :slight_smile:

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My sister told me I’m funny. If I go 40 hours without sleep, I am hilarious.


it is the only way i get through each day…with humour :smiley:
take care :alien: