Impromptu yard sale

My daughter had one Thursday at her house and it went so well she came to my house yesterday to help me load up all my stuff and pack it over there to help me sell my stuff.
I sold about 80% of my belongings.

We had a lady from a consignment store grab about half of my decor all at once. I didn’t make very much money but I’m 1000 pounds lighter for sure.

Today we’re going to empty out my daughter’s storage unit and sell all that too along with what’s left of my stuff.


Do Americans not have car boot sales or is that just a British thing?


what is a car boot sale? oh like a garage sale?


Groups of people go in their cars into a field somewhere and sell out the back of their cars.

Like this:


Yay! You must feel so good lightening your load like that!

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We have these car boot sales sometimes, maybe twice or three times a year, this is a lot because we do not have so many people in my little town.


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