Impressing people

I usually did stuff to impress someone. Theses people don’t care or are deceased now. I got peace. Thinking of a new challenge but i can’t be bothered to make it real.
People on social media doing impressive things all the time.

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It’s so exhausting trying to please everyone.


Yes its exhausting. Tried to proof my sanity doing degrees. I am still marked insane. I got worse.

I think people have an innate desire to fit in, to be part of a group. The problem with wanting to fit in, or being part of a group, is you lose your individuality, your sense of self.

To thine own self be true–Shakespeare


I don’t worry about impressing people anymore. I just do my thing. I am in my groove, even if others aren’t impressed with it. That’s okay with me.

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Sorry to hear that. You sound sane on this forum thou

Maybe its negative selftalk.

I just try to be awesome in the areas that interest me. People can either take it or leave it, I’m not killing myself for them.


A friend of mine got disgusted when a date kept trying to impress her until she finally said “The only one you’re impressing is yourself.” Kudos to her.

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I used to always try impress people from ages 16 - 22.

Then it became unwanted energy…

Now i couldnt care less if someone doesnt like me.

Their loss

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