Impotence on AP injection

Wondering if anyone experienced severe impotence while on an AP injection and how long it took before they were recovered?

It has been more than 2 months since my latest injection and I am still feeling the effects of ED from the Abilify injections I was given.

I am back on 2mg Risperdal, which in the past, did not cause ED for me surprisingly.

Taking 234mg invega injection and got ed, but don’t really care. I just want to feel good

I couldn’t really get erect when I initially started taking APs and depression medicine. I don’t know why, but eventually it worked itself out, at first I was on an injection I don’t remember if the change was associated with a med change, although I’ve been through several since, and hadn’t had the problem.

I did tell my doctor and declared that it was a problem. They can’t work with you if they don’t know.

Seeing my Pdoc in 2 weeks time. I’m worried this problem won’t go away fast enough…

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