Important value

What’s your value in life?
I think I started verbally attacking people out of stress.I was verbally attacked during secondary school and it is the most traumatic part of my life.Now I would like to not verbally abuse other because it can hurt and it is against my value.

I broke my value and these 2-3 days I tried to verbally abuse people.There is a lot of changes in my life and work.

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I value and try to practice trust and conformity. Mostly to compensate for their opposites that caused me a lot of trouble in psychoses.

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I suffer from psychosis,I heard the recovery rate is 1/3 fully recovered,1/3 improved but 1/3 stay the same

Kindness. It brings me grief, but it’s a value I won’t let go of.


I value honesty, integrity and compassion, and a high credit score…I love that look they get on their face when they run their credit check.

Maybe I should also play along,cause that’s the way to move forward…cause I am trying to change other by not playing along

What sort of things do you not want to play along with? If it is about your initial post, not wanting to verbally abuse, that is a good thing I think.

What I was talking about relates to me having valued being different and/or original for it’s own sake, both prior to and during my psychosis. And when I was coming out of psychosis, I realized these values influenced a lot of my reasoning that led to my delusions. They were unhealthy for me at the levels in which they were intertwined with my thought-patterns. After some months of psychosis, all I wanted was to have peace of mind. Other values that all seem to circle around the notion of individuality were at odds with this as well, and therefore, they too had to go.

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