Important announcement

I had previously identified my gender as being “Apache Attack Helicopter”. I have since received much negative feedback from those who feel this gender identification is ‘inappropriate’. After some personal reflection, I am forced to agree as I cannot fly. Henceforth I shall be identifying as an “M1A2 Abrahms Tank” when inquiries are made as to my gender.

Thank you all for your attention to this matter.



Pixel on the go…the music beats on.

I think this is a good decision.

why mix gender with aggression?

Virility! Have you seen the size of my … canon?


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Don’t mean to scare you, but female aggression is usually about food - even if indirectly.
Are you implying that procreation is necessarily violent?

BWAAAHAAAHAAA!! You haven’t seen Mrs. Pixel dominating the remote control.

I’m given to understand that it’s more optional in nature.



Yes. I opted out many, many years ago.

My gender is a 2017 Honda 450


I think somebody laced @velociraptor’s Buxleys Mixture with PCP.

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Unfortunately not. The downside of small town living.

Guess all this talk has turned me into my own bike in my backyard:


I work on an army base.

…and yo momma wore army boots.