Imovane Zopiclone

Whats The highest dosage?
Its my miracle medicine at The moment.
Can you get addiciton on it?

I got dependent on it. It eventually loses efficacy and when I stopped it I had rebound insomnia for a few weeks. I’m glad I stopped it.


I read you can use it for up to 4 weeks

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I took it for over a year

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I read about it its acts at The same way as a benzo on GABA.
Im gonna take it now for a month at least.
But im not gonna up The dose and take a break if it stops working.

Highest dose is 7.5mg

I was on it for a while but now I take Nozinan instead

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It’s just as addictive as benzodiazepine, i like it all to much, so my doc dont want to give my anymore.

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Okay. Imovane is The nearest to benzo ive taken. I felt good on it.