Immune system dysfunction can alter the link between cannabis use and psychosis


That is really interesting.

individuals exposed to a combination of these two factors - the presence of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the blood and cannabis use (either daily or during adolescence) - are more likely to suffer from psychosis than those who are exposed to neither or to only one. According to the authors, the study provides “the first clinical evidence that immune dysregulation modifies the cannabis-psychosis association”.

It was a fairly large study too, as these go, 409 people.

“Our findings show that frequent current use of cannabis or use of the drug in adolescence is a risk factor for psychosis. We didn’t detect the same correlation with occasional or recreational use. In the multicenter study, which included European cities with varying levels and types of cannabis availability, we also found that the risk of psychosis is greater in users of stronger cannabis strains with a THC content or 10% of higher.”