It’s been quite some time for not showing up here. Recently I have explored visa options from all five major English-speaking countries and found that:

  1. Skilled workers or Business investors are most welcomed
  2. English proficiency is a must
  3. 18-35 young people are welcomed
  4. People from developed country of origin are often more welcomed
  5. Pay for the visa

Some visa options may require applicants to show proof of savings.

“Immigrants are truly survivors”, they often make great efforts to migrate, adapt to new culture and learn new language.

I am fond of openmindedness in those countries and it would be great if I was able to enmigrate although chances are low.

Immigrants might be able to further seek permanent residency or citizenship. By permanent resident status, I realize that it would be just 30 years for me.
The same goes to freehold property and unlimited data plan. Doesn’t mean the building is going to be there forever.

So the bad news is I wasn’t qualified to enmigrate (and mental health declaration would make it more complicated) but I’m more than happy to see on-going conversations taking place here. At least I could join an English-speaking community.


You can always work towards it. I hope you can achieve it if that’s what you want.

Where are you from?


Yes, I am not giving up. Thank you for encouragement!

I am from South East Asia.

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Education can go a long way. I was 23 before I went back to school. It’s worth a shot.

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