Immediate Help Needed: Homocidal Ideation --- scared


I am having homicidal thoughts, but I do not have a plan to do it. However, I don’t feel safe. I need some help.

What will happen at an ER?

My main question is: will the police or security or restraints be used even though I am just having homicidal thoughts ONLY.

Thanks everyone,

Remember They Are THOTS , and Nothing Else … ,

You Are Now On a Path To Erase Those Thots OR Call Out For Help With Thee Authorities … ,

You WILL Be Restrained but It Will Naught Hurt … ,

You Will Be Sent To People That WILL and CAN Help You … ,

and NO , You Aren’t Going To jail For Your THOTS …

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I can’t remember honestly…

You’ll be fine though… they aren’t going to imprison you for voluntarily seeking help

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There’s a vast difference between thoughts and actions. Don’t get the idea you have to put every thought into action. It’s very common for people to say “I could have just killed him.” When one is angry it can be a justifiable thought but, as you know, our society does not allow killing. So, don’t call it mentally ill or abnormal, Just call it not allowed.

Thanks a lot! I’ve been to the hospital for suicidal ideation, but this is new this week.

I really appreciate your help!

and If You Decide To Call For Help … ,

Then Keep Your Hands Out In Front Of You and Away From Your Pockets and Side … ,

Don’t Move Swiftly and Or Quick ,

Hold Your Hands Out and Do What Thee Officers Tell You …

Can you call your Psychiatrist for an urgent consulation?

Or - if not - perhaps its time to go the hospital and check yourself in.

We have members who are as self-knowledgeable as you who do this for their own good:

Just last week for example:

Will I be in a normal psychiatric hospital or unit or one with criminals in it — like a special unit?

You’ll be where-ever you check yourself into. Can you have a friend or family member drive you to one you think is good? Perhaps have a friend or family member call by phone first to find out the process…

Yes, I can get a ride to one I have used and liked before.

Calling ahead is a good idea.

Thank you.

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Great news. Take care of yourself!

thanks a lot


Homicidal thoughts, call the E.R… They are just thoughts but can lead to action.

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I was just at my Nurse Specialist. She wants to know how I’m feeling. In the session, I said, “I just felt like punching you in the mouth or puling your hair,:” to which she responded, “If that’s how you feel, you’re remarkably well behaved.” End of discussion.