Imma find me

…a hill and stand on it. I’ll tell you what. I ain’t afraid of nothing. But I am afraid of the boogieman. Who’s the boogieman?! You figure it out. I don’t know.


How do you get a napkin to bend?

You put a little boogie in it.



When I was a very little girl, I remember being scared to go out to our garage to finish my task at hand

(can’t remember exactly what it was)

and asked my dad if he would go with me, and explained why.

He looked at me with this dead serious face and told me not to worry about any boogymen that might be hiding in the garage, because I was just to ugly to be of intrest to him!
In fact, the boogyman would have to pay my dad just to give me back…

Hmmm, got me thinking it must be the truth because my dad said it was so,
and with that,
I stopped fearing the boogyman.

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That’s a horrible story.


I used to rush off to sleep every night and close the closet doors. We slept in the dark with the door opened and mom and dad always said good nite and that 's what we did . no large fears that we could not handle.

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That was just him, I never really took that talk seriously.
He would never had made it in todays politically correct society.


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