Imagine that? Me normal?

What a thought. “The Normal Club”… Thank goodness I left that place… for good. I was going crazy over there…

If only I had something to say. Something epiphany like… ya know? Something that said: “This is the club ya joined, and congratulations…” Maybe a “certificate of normalcy” to hang on your wall… To admire. To appreciate. To be proud of…

But… turns out all it is is denial. I river in egypt…

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I tried real hard for a long time to be part of the normal club. Big mistake. I should have just accepted my weirdness. I mostly just got made fun of and treated like s**t anyway.

The Normal club sounds scary.

Remember Groucho Marx said it best…
“I would never want to be part of a club that would have people like me as a member.”


I have nothing against normal people but yeah i would never consider myself apart of the “normal” club. I live with a parent, with a mental illness, can’t support myself, no kids, no hubby, i’ve gained weight, etc. etc. All adds up too Not normal. :wink:

i am totally normal…maybe not.
take care

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