Imagine if antipsychotics worked as quick as benzos and had the same side effects

you take it and within an hour your symptoms are gone that would be good to stabilize somewhen but really we would all be ■■■■■■ because we would build a tolerance so quickly and have to take giant doses just to be sane and than if we ever wanted to stop taking them our withdrawal would make our symptoms worse than they were before taking them also the withdrawal can almost kll you i use to want benzos but i am afraid to put any other drugs in my body now

Benzos>>>every other kind of psych med

Why are they so dang great. Too bad about the addictive thing. However can you say that any psych med isn’t addictive…all are disastrous if you quit suddenly…

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I think the potential for abuse is the bigger deal with benzos than the whole addiction thing. Especially if you think of it that way… It’s just benzos can turn into a vicious cycle for some people who abuse them and whatnot. And they can become a bigger problem than the anxiety itself. Fortunately in clinical terms, I have good benzo genes.

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Yeah true, if you don’t abuse them you won’t get addicted in the first place. However I feel w benzos it can become very easy to accidentally abuse them due to how quickly tolerance builds. It can be tempting to just keep adding to your dose to get the same effect, rather than go a week or so without them to let your tolerance go down again.

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have u ever tried to quit ur benzo, do u take it daily, i tried to get klonopin from my pdoc but he said he doesn’t want me to get addicted i would probably only use it like twice a week max probably not even that unless i have a panic attack

i am starting to think i would be better without it because probably once i got a taste of what being normal is like i would like to hold on to what i think normal is i wonder how i would be doing if i never started taking antipsychotics i was starting to get used to hearing voices by the time i decided to get meds its just the anxiety intrusive thoughts and depression if i got rid of those things the voices would be not as bad

I’ve never felt the reason to exceed my benzo dose. I started off at 1.0 Klonopin…now I’m down to .5 per day. I hit the genetic jackpot when it comes to benzodiazepines I feel. Especially since I’ve been addicted to multiple other substances. Benzos never been an issue.

I did used to take a benzo every night to help with my ptsd symptoms I’d get at night before bed. I eventually quit them because I gained tolerance and didn’t want to raise my dose any higher and didn’t want to be on long term either. I quit them no problem.

Careful before quitting APs…talk with doctor…

I found klonopin to be good at treating my paranoia.

When I had a benzo on my repeat prescription, It said “take 2 tablets when required for severe anxiety / panic”. I was prescribed 28 tablets of 1mg Lorazepam a month, so I didn’t have enough to take them everyday even if I wanted to.