I'm worried there's a spirit in my room

This house is 24 years old. The only 2 houses I’ve lived in that didn’t have spirits were one that was newly built just for our family and one that was built 5 years before and had only had one family live in it. Note that at these houses I did not typically get paranoia.

Generally if I get paranoia for no reason (like none of my triggers happened) I start feeling like there is a spirit around. Most houses I feel are haunted. Someone doesn’t have to die in a house for it to be haunted, it’s just the energy of a lot of families having lived somewhere attracts spirits and they just sort of wander in and stay there. (People are social animals and are driven towards other people)

Despite spirits being drawn to houses many families have lived in they still value their privacy. Thus if a person is in a room they will retreat to a closet/bathroom. (Spirits tend to favor a single room in the house and make it theirs)

I was saying last night that 97% of spirits want nothing to do with you. They just want to be left to their own devices, as long as you don’t bug them, they won’t bug you. (Can be annoying when they don’t want to share space, however) 1% of spirits desperately want someone to help them and are going to latch onto the first person they can find who has any sort of medium/channeling ability and pester them to no end to help them even if that person has no idea how to do so. 1% of spirits are genuinely cool and friendly and want to socialize/help out. And 1% of spirits are cruel and malicious and tend to be violent as well.

That’s my thoughts. I guess that was why I was concerned I was having breakthrough symptoms on geodon, either from the Wellbutrin or from not taking it with enough calories. But is believing in spirits really an unusual belief? Plenty of people believe in them that aren’t diagnosed as psychotic. I believe in them.

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@Anna - Which APs have you tried?

Abilify, Latuda, risperidone and now I’m on geodon. Risperidone was the only one that 100% removed my symptoms but I had to go off of it due to hyperprolactenemia.

There are meds for high prolactin levels.
Including low dose Abilify.
(Dopamine Agonists)

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I dont know what else I would try, I don’t think I would survive the pines which are supposed to have the most side effects and all are highly connected to weight gain which I’m not very interested in, I can’t do invega because invega has the same prolactin raising stuff as Risperidone so the exact same thing would happen to me as with it, I’m not interested in typicals like haldol because of the whole you’re basically doomed to get TD eventually thing, so that basically leaves me with vraylar. Abilify was a partial agonist and didn’t work for me so good so why would vraylar. Plus vraylar has a chemical make up that is very similar to other meds that have caused me horrible akathisia.

Don’t give up.
I know it’s rough.

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I will make a list of things to discuss with the doctor and going back on Risperidone with maybe a low dose of Abilify will be on it. We’ll have to very carefully monitor my prolactin levels though and if they start rising again I’ll have to go off so it would be risky.

I didn’t have a good experience with Abilify but at 5 mg after 2 weeks I didn’t get akathisia anymore so I think I can make it through that again if it meant getting to stay on risperdal without weight gain or prolactin problems.

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Or maybe I could stay on Wellbutrin and do it. Wellbutrin is a full dopamine agonist (kind of it just increases dopamine levels by inhibiting reuptake) and would probably have a stronger effect than Abilify plus it doesn’t give me any bad side effects. But raising my dose of Wellbutrin was what made me start experiencing some symptoms even while on geodon so it could do the same on Risperidone…ACK

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You have options.

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I had to quit Geodon after 2 years because of hyperprolactenemia found on a routine lab test.
8 years of Haldol injections and pills and no sign of TD ever, in fact, I’d still be taking it if I had med insurance- by my choice.

Our house has a few wayward spooks, they’ve always been in the houses I lived in, but the worst ones were by proxy.
I feel bad for the new neighbors across the street, because the little boy ghost who was bothering us, is now back home thinking he’s back with his family.
I so want to ask them if they have noticed him, but probably not a good idea.

Offer it on to the potato god
Offer it on to the potato god…
Offer it on to the potato god… …
Form chanting

Joking xD

But on a serious note,
Think it’s just another experience of the Schiz mind
You’ll find a way, from your posts your dealing with a lot of things and still kicking forward, I admire that a lot.

Sorry you have to deal with these worries,
Sending good vibes your way :slight_smile:

I would definitely take in a educated and sound ideas/approach to your medication.


I was wondering that about my old house here, there was a highly malevolent and dangerous spirit living there that affected other people not just me and I’m wondering if the family living there now has had any experiences or if it’s all just in my head. I wish I could go back to that house just to get closure and see what the truth was. Though at the same time that thought terrifies me.

I hope geodon doesn’t also cause me prolactin troubles. It’s less likely than Risperidone or invega too but it could still happen. Maybe the Wellbutrin will help to protect against that. Though I do feel I need to be on a better antidepressant, Wellbutrin doesn’t act as one at all for me it just helps combat the side effects of geodon.

I really don’t believe in spirits at all, I’m way too much rational to believe in something like that. I don’t want to contradict you, and you have the right to believe in what you want, but spirits don’t exist more than Santa Claus. And I don’t think that it helps you to believe in that. You should keep your focus on what is existing in the real world around you, and don’t mind about what “may” exists despite you cannot see it or prove the existence.

But I’m not hoping to convince you. I know someone who is schizophrenic and he believes in spirits. He think they can communicate with him. In fact, this belief is only a symptom of his mental illness. But despite all the efforts I have put into trying to convince him and to explain to him that this belief is irrational and illogical, there is nothing to do at all to make him change his mind. He still believe in spirits and unfortunately, that doesn’t help him at all with his illness, with his life.

I’ve visited more houses and flats than you can count. No spirit has ever attempted to contact me. Therefore I don’t believe in them.
During psychosis I heard voices, yes, but I attributed those voices to other human beings. Now psychosis has been long gone, I am unmedicated since 6 weeks ago and all is well. I am just lucky I suppose.

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You may just not be sensitive then, not everyone can feel them or speak to them.

Or ya know it’s literally psychosis I’m not the best judge of reality.