I'm worried I'm in the minority

They say famous people make up 0.087% of the population. I’m worried because of the man I’m involved with that I am part of that minority since he always claimed to know famous people. That’s why I’m worried bad things will happen to me in the future like becoming the dictator of North Korea.

I’m also very attractive, have a really nice house (parents own), it’s like Lucifer is in control of everything. I never used to look this way. Everything changed since I’ve been involved with him. I’m also very charismatic. I feel like something bad will happen to me but no one will ever believe me since my life is so different than everyone else’s. I feel like I’m like Tiffany Trump when she says no one will ever know her. This worries me.

Can anyone relate? I’m also usually really happy, so I feel like no one can relate to me.

We’ve told you many times to get in touch with your psychiatrist. Tell him what you told us and what are your thoughts and fears. You need new meds or higher dosage.

You need to see your doctor and tell them these fears. I can relate. I thought things like that once but they were paranoid delusions. Medications help and you need to take them.

When you said “you feel bad things is coming to you” it just means that your positive symptoms are trying to make you someone that your not.

It happens to me.

I do think that Satan runs this world in propaganda. Everything is.

So I just reject what I believe cause I know I’m not one of them. (The Freemasons)

So please, relax because it gets worse

Remember to listen to your heart and take stable meds. Don’t cause trouble. If your emotions are hard to handle stay indoors.

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