I'm wondering about my teacher

I just got my final grade for my Humanities class . I got a B+. I’m satisfied with that. But there were three funny incidents during the class. The first one was when we had to write a paper about Oedipus. I had four days to work on it but I waited until 8 hours before it was due. The teacher asked us to write a little about the effect of Zeus putting the curse on Oedipus, causing him to sleep with his mother and kill his father and then go blind. I wasn’t confident enough I would be able to to meet the word count requirement of 200 words. So for a JOKE, just to fill space, I wrote that, “Sleeping with his mother really hurt his sex life. Because now that he’s
blind he can never trust anyone he was sleeping with again. It might be a cousin or an aunt or someone”. I put, " It must have messed him up psychologically too. Because now he can’t screen whoever he sleeps with and it must have been frustrating because as King, he could have all the girls he wants but now he’s screwed up".
I wrote it to be funny and I thought my teacher would either be offended and give me an F, or be mad at what I wrote. Well I got an A! And he didn’t say a word!
My next paper was a 1000 word essay. It had to follow a certain form : a thesis, supporting evidence, a conclusion etc. Again, I didn’t leave myself enough time but I turned it in and I scored 200 points out of a possible 200 points! In fact he asked if he could keep it and use it as a model for future classes on how to write a successful essay. And he said my thesis was perfect and copied it. BUT…the funny thing was that he didn’t understand that my thesis was not what he picked. I had meant a different sentence to be my thesis. But I wasn’t going to correct him.
And finally, my last paper of this quarter i had written it in one day, at one sitting. I had a couple hours to turn it in and I was way behind so I hurriedly wrote it. I jotted down some ideas and then copied it onto the website. It was more like a rough first draft but I got my grade and review today and I scored 190 out of 200. An A paper. And this guy is a Professor.


Creativity gets a high score and that was probably what he was looking for.


i think you are just looking in to it too much, your professor just see’s a smart guy, you as sz are seemingly doubting yourself for some reason.
good on you with your grade, that’s awesome.
take care

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I don’t wonder about your teacher, I wonder about you Nick. You’re pretty darn smart, accept it!


Thanks sith…

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Thanks csummers!..

He probably reads pretty much the same drivel day in day out as younger students copy the cliff notes over and over. Here you come with a new idea, some tongue in cheek humor and some actual knowledge about the stories.

He was probably relieved to read something new and original and just forget that it didn’t fill his previous outline.

I bet he’s a very good teacher. Nick… your a good writer. I love reading about your young life. You write very well, and sometimes I feel you don’t give yourself the credit you deserve.

Congratulations on getting a 190 out of 200. :thumbsup: